Welcome to Timothy Johnson for Michigan State Representative District 42

I am running for the Michigan House of Representatives. Livingston County

Your vote matter more than ever. The 2016 primaries have shown what a difference ONE vote can have.
Today we are facing teh SAME issues we were in the last election.

Taxes & Infrastructure

Roads and Infrastructure in Livingston County and throughout the state continue to decline.
Lansing and the current administration have yet to solidify a plan to improve our roads and provide continued maintainance.

Know the condition of Livingston County roads and others in Michigan.

Back in 2014 The Livingston Daily Press & Argus had an editorial piece discussing the great need for road repairs in the county. House Speaker Jase Bolger announced the Republican's want to spend $500 MILLION on road repairs, and NOT raise taxes--for the most part. The $500 MILLION is a patronizing gesture, but still leaves miles of roads left in disrepair. Before the Republicans organize a parade down Grand River, we need to ask where this $500 MILLION is coming from. What are we willing to cut so that we can fix a few roads? The Livingston County Board of Commissioners, whose members include CAROL S. GRIFFITH; LCBC CHAIRWOMAN; STEVEN E.WILLIAMS, LCBC VICE-CHAIR; DENNIS L. DOLAN LCBC FINANCE COMMITTEE CHAIR; and BELINDA M. PETERS COUNTY ADMINISTRATOR stated in the 2014 Budget Book for Livingston County that:
"The total millage rate for 2014 is 3.7397 mills, which is the same millage levied since 2009. The general operating tax levy of 3.3897 has remained constant since 2006. As demand for services by the community increases, it will be near impossible to provide a greater level of service without increasing the general operating millage."
-----------------page 4; paragraph 7; line 6.

Knowing the county is becoming less effective, the commissioners REFUSE to suggest a tax increase is NECESSARY. Nor will ANY of teh commissioners SPEAK PUBLICLY about the decline in public services.
Veterans and our firefighters have to ask the public for FUNDS just to provide a minimum level of services to the community.

The 2nd Amendment

Thankfully, Livingston County has seen less killings in our street than many other areas in teh state and around the country.

A good guy with a gun looks like bad guy with a gun and when the shooting starts, both are suspects.


The Number 5 pipe line under Mackinac is a threat.

Flint has been posined by greed and politiacl buffoonery.


Women's Health

“This isn’t about protecting abortion,” Davis explained in the same appearance. “It’s about protecting women. It’s about trusting women to make good decisions for themselves and empowering them with the tools to do that.” Wendy Davis
Candidate for Governor of Texas

Jobs & Living Wage

No one who works a full-time job should need a BRIDGE card. In Michigan it takes 3 weeks working 40 hours a week to afford a basic apartment.


Everyone is entitled to the BEST EDUCATION we can provide.